About N4C

The Northern California Council of Camera Clubs (N4C) was established in December of 1952 as a non-profit California corporation organized as a 501(c)(7) tax-exempt social club pursuant to the Corporations Code of the State of California.

Purpose – Mission Statement

The Northern California Council of Camera Clubs was established to:

  • promote a spirit of voluntary cooperation among the camera clubs of Northern California.
  • sustain and increase an interest in the art and science of photography among photographers of said area.
  • promote social and educational programs for the benefit of member clubs.
  • create and maintain a representative body which will serve the best interests of all member clubs and provide workable solutions to individual and collective problems .
  • provide services and facilities for the use and benefit of the member clubs.


Benefits of Membership

Being a member club of N4C provides an opportunity to:

  • compete monthly at a higher level against local club winners.
  • hone photography knowledge and skills through seminars, conferences and other N4C and affiliate-sponsored events.
  • receive monthly newsletters, “Foto Fanfare,” with winners names and images as well as interesting articles and news.
  • discover a variety of photography resources.
  • share your expertise and passion with fellow photographers .


For more information on becoming a member club of N4C, please use Contact Us to email the President.


2020 N4C Board


President Doug Stinson Fremont Photographic Society
Vice President Stephen Busch Contra Costa Camera Club
Secretary Mark Brueckman Alameda Photographic Society
Treasurer Jon W d’Alessio & Cindee Beechwood Marin Camera Club

Committee Chairpersons

Print Chair  Joan Field  Contra Costa Camera Club
Projected Images Chair Gene Albright Berkeley Camera Club
Judges Chair Joe Hearst Livermore Valley Camera Club
Special Programs Chair Joan Field Contra Costa Camera Club
Electronic Images Coordinator Gene Albright Berkeley Camera Club
PSA Representative Joe Hearst Livermore Valley Camera Club
Foto Fanfare Newsletter Editor Cindy Costa & Vicki Stephens Livermore Valley Camera Club
Webmaster Stephen Hinchey Alameda Photographic Society

N4C Member Club Delegates

Alameda Photographic Society (AL) Terry Toomey
Mark Brueckman (alternate)
Berkeley Camera Club (BK) Gene Albright
Chinatown Photographic Society (CH) Nelson Wong
Youmans Hsiong
Contra Costa Camera Club (CC) Lucy Beck
Diablo Valley Camera Club (DV) Lynn Oakleaf
Fremont Photographic Society (FR) Douglas Stinson
Hal Green (backup)
Light and Shadow (LS) Chris Cassell
Livermore Valley Camera Club (LV) Barry Zupan
Rajani Ramanorhan
Marin Photography Club (MR) William Sumits
Millbrae Camera Club (ML) Jim Cutler
Peninsula Camera Club (PE) Beau Reidel
Photochrome Camera Club (PH) Mary Asturias
Gary Larsen (backup)
Rossmoor Photography Club (RO) Andy Neuruther
Bill Meyer & Jean Devinney (backups)
Santa Clara Camera Club (SC) David Horn
Gregory Cowle (backup)
Santa Rosa Photographic Society (SR) Kevin Schirado
The Villages Camera Club (VC) Frank Langben
Sy Gelman (backup)


Each year a nominating committee selects candidates to be elected as new N4C officers. Elections are held in December and new officers are installed in February at the N4C Annual Awards Banquet.

N4C By-Laws cover Membership, Fees and Dues, Meetings, Delegates, Officers (job descriptions), Standing Committees, Special Committees, Election of Officers, Voting, Receipt and Expenditure of Funds, Interclub Competition, Amendments, and Dissolution.

N4C Board Meeting

During the Covid-19 crisis N4C is holding its monthly meeting via Zoom.  As always the meetings are open to all club members.  Please contact the N4C President at president@n4c.org with a subject line MONTHLY MEETING if you wish to receive an invite to the Zoom meeting.

N4C holds a board meeting every month on the second Monday evening of each month from 7:30PM to 9:30PM (7:00 to 9:00 PM during Covid19). The board meetings are open to anyone wishing to attend.

Meetings take place at:
United Methodist Church
1600 Bancroft Avenue
San Leandro, CA 94577

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Each N4C member club pays annual membership dues of $75. In addition, clubs who compete at the N4C level pay an additional fee to participate in the competitions as shown in the table below. These fees help to pay for interclub competition judges and other related N4C council expenses.  See chart below.

Photographic Medium

Competition Fee

Total with Membership Dues

None – Membership only $0 $75
Prints only $50 $125
Projected only $50 $125
Prints & Projected $100 $175

The council operates on an annual basis following a calendar year. The membership dues and competition fees should be paid to the N4C Treasurer at the beginning of each calendar year.


For more information on club membership dues and fees, please use Contact Us to email the Treasurer.

N4C Affiliations

The Photographic Society of America

N4C is a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and its local chapter, Yerba Buena. The Photographic Society of America is a worldwide organization for anyone interested in photography. The society includes casual shutterbugs, serious amateurs, and professional photographers.

Founded in 1934, PSA has members in over 70 countries. Individual, club, and council memberships offer a wide variety of services and activities: a monthly magazine; online photo galleries, image evaluation, study groups, and courses; competitions; an annual conference; recognition; and discounts on photography-related products and services.