N4C Programs

N4C Sponsored Programs

Over the years N4C has prided itself in bringing many accomplished photographers to the Bay Area to give presentations of their work, so as to educate and inspire N4C’s club members. The following are the most recent seminars and workshops sponsored by N4C:

2012 Nevada Wier
2010 Brenda Tharp
2008 John Isaac
2006 Eddie Soloway
2004 Tim Grey
2003 Richard Martin


Affiliate Programs


In years past, usually in late fall, one of the three Northern California Camera Club Councils (N4C, 6C and the SJVCCC) hosted an event called FotoClave, a weekend photography seminar. This was one of the most cost-effective learning experiences one could attend. An annual competition was also held each year in connection with FotoClave in both Print and Projected Image media.

FotoClave 2014 Speaker Notes

Coming Soon

FotoClave 2011 Speaker Notes

Jennifer Wu – Hyperfocal Focusing
Sean Duggan – HDR
Dianne Jones – Making Your Own Book Online
Michael Mariant – Cultural Sensitivity
Mary Butler – Photographing Cuba

Photographic Society of America & PSA’s local Yerba Buena Chapter

The Photographic Society of America’s local chapter is the Yerba Buena Chapter, headquartered in San Francisco. All PSA members are automatically members of the chapter. For photographic education and entertainment, the chapter offers both hands-on workshops and all-day seminars at their spring and fall meetings. Both chapter members and non-members are invited to attend the presentations

Past PSA Yerba Buena Chapter Day Presenters

André Gallant
Sam Abell
Huntington Witherill
Gary Crabbe
Sam Shaw
Carol Leigh