~Tour boats sometimes venture precariously close to lava flowing ... Kilauea volcano.~ (TM 1 Place) by Michael Fredrich - LV.jpg"Along the Merced River in Yosemite" (PM Best) by Ron Winter - ML.jpg"Ameican White Pelicans Hold Double Crested Cormorant in Pouch ... (SNR)" (NA Best) by Claudia Peterson - SC.jpg"Bungy Jumping [1] at the beach in Den Haag, Netherlands; September, 2015" (JA 1 Place) by Carol Gray - BK.jpg"Cuban Dancer, Resting" (PI 1 Place) by Steve Weissberg - MR.jpg"Duet - pre-professional dancers at the Dominican LINES spring showcase" (MI 1 Place) by Steve Disenhof - MR.jpg"Enigma Variations 4" (CA 1 Place) by Ojars Kratins - CC.jpg"Father and daughter join the Women's March in Santa Rosa ..." (JM Best) by Nancy Goodenough - SR.jpg"Female Polar Bear, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada" (MI 1 Place) by Virginia H. Meyer - MR.jpg"Fleur Roll" (PB 1 Place) by Tina Kelly Green - MR.jpg"Geometric Shapes in Stanford" (PI Best) by John Erve - ML.jpg"Hauptbahnhoff. Berlin, Germany" (PA 1 Place) by Mara Phraner - AL.jpg"Having lunch in Mazatlan, Mexico" (TB Best) by Jackie Mucha - BK.jpg"Man and his monkey in Varanasi, India" (MB 1 Place) by Frances Williams - SR.jpg"Martini Glass" (MB 1 Place) by Gary Oehrle - LV.jpg"Miami Hurricane Warning" (TI 1 Place) by Barry Grivett - CC.jpg"Migration" (MA 1 Place) by Catherine d'Alessio - MR.jpg"Momias de Guanajuato ... Mexico" (MM 1 Place) by David Coleman - ML.jpg"Nature's Jewel" (CB 1 Place) by Steve Disenhof - MR.jpg"Perhaps a Bit of Wind" (MM Best) by Claudia Peterson - LS.jpg"Pride Parade Celebrants , June, 2016" (JI 1 Place) by Anita Schriver - BK.jpg"Snow In Utah" (PB 1 Place) by John Benet - MR.jpg"The cuttlefish is in the same family as squids and octopuses ..." (NB 1 Place) by Steve Ziman - MR.jpg"The Fixin's" (MA Best) by Bob Gager - SC.jpg"The Girl's Enlightenment"(PA 1 Place) by Dawn Jefferson - ML.jpg"Wet nose" (PM 1 Place) by Kirsten Berg - BK.jpg"Women labor dry the pepper ... Guntur, South India" (TA 1 Place) by Anita Rama - CC.jpg"Women's Health Matters - Women's March Feb. 11, 2017" (JB 1 Place) by Tim Cuneo - SC.jpg

The Northern California Council of Camera Clubs (N4C) is the umbrella organization for sixteen San Francisco Bay Area camera clubs, whose members comprise photography enthusiasts—beginners, amateurs and professionals.

N4C provides an opportunity to grow photographically and compete at an interclub level. Most individual member clubs hold their own local monthly judged competitions in two photographic mediums, Prints and Projected Images, and in various subject matter.

Join in the fun with N4C and their local camera clubs. Participate in field trips, seminars, and workshops, share learning experiences and camaraderie among fellow photographers in your area!

You are invited to become a member in a local camera club near you
to take your photography to the next level.

To see all winning photos submitted for the month and for additional information, please go N4C’s PhotoClubServices Webiste.


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