"Calatrava in New York City" (PI 0 Place) by Adelaide Jenkins - BK.jpg"Cuban boxing boy focused and ready to fight" (PB 1 Place) by Bob Hemstock - MR.jpg"Elk herd begins their day in Yellowstone National Park on cold winter morning" (NA 1 Place) by Robert K. Taylor - VC.jpg"Fisherman Falls Overboard While Gathering Waterweed on Inle Lake, Burma" (TA 1 Place) by Ojars Kratins - RO.jpg"Fishing boat in Viet Nam in drydock being repaired" (TB 1 Place) by Bob Hemstock - MR.jpg"Frozen Mountains" (MM 0 Place) by Shinnan Kiang - LV.jpg"Giza, Egypt. A discouraged camel guide ..." (TI 1 Place) by Bill Sumits - MR.jpg"Glooming of Snow Monkeys 2 ..." (SNI) (NB 1 Place) by Kotomi Ito - AL.jpg"Magic Aladdin Lamp" (CI 1 Place) by Boris Dmitruk - CC.jpg"Mature American White Pelicans Killing Double Crested Cormorant ..." (SNI) (NM 0 Place) by Claudia Peterson - LS.jpg"McDonald Lake Early Morning Light. Glacier National Park" (MI 1 Place) by David Horn - SC.jpg"Mother Cheetah Licks The Face of One Of Her Cubs" (NM 0 Place) by Bruce Finocchio - PE.jpg"Natural limestone tufa towers at Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve California" (PA 1 Place) by Ernie Murata - VC.jpg"Offerings to the Goddess Ganga - Ganges River, Varanasi, India" (TM 1 Place) by Vicki Rupp - MR.jpg"Old Woman in Gibarra, Cuba" (PB 1 Place) by Frances Williams - MR.jpg"Ready for the Show" (PA 1 Place) by Catherine d'Alessio - MR.jpg"Ship under repair - Cape Town, South Africa" (MA 1 Place) by Bhupesh Patel - PE.jpg"Siberian Tiger Lunges for its prey unsuccessfully [1]" (NM 0 Place) by Wendy Hannum - MR.jpg"Snowy Egret Bringing A Branch To Its Mate For Nest Building" (NI 1 Place) by Leslie Crandell - CC.jpg"Spirit of the mustard" (CA 1 Place) by Cathy Huffman - DV.jpg"Stairs in Afternoon Light" (PM 0 Place) by Marti Cagwin - MR.jpg"Sunset Mitten" (MB 1 Place) by David Wagoner - MR.jpg"Surfer catches more than a wave ..." (JB 1 Place) by Dawn Jefferson - ML.jpg"swinging censors in Easter procession" (PM 1 Place) by Ginna Fleming - MR.jpg"The Pose" (PI 1 Place) by Anna Wojdyla - PE.jpg"Tourists walking between the Jardin des Tuileries and the Louvre ..." (TB 1 Place) by Albert Candia - PE.jpg"tranquility" (CM 0 Place) by Terry Connelly - SR.jpg"Two on One at the goal line!" (JA 0 Place) by Steve Goodall - RO.jpg"Unmasked" (CB 1 Place) by Carol Thomas - BK.jpg"View of Mt. Fuji" (TA 0 Place) by Paul Kessinger - FR.jpg

The Northern California Council of Camera Clubs (N4C) is the umbrella organization for sixteen San Francisco Bay Area camera clubs, whose members comprise photography enthusiasts—beginners, amateurs and professionals.

N4C provides an opportunity to grow photographically and compete at an interclub level. Most individual member clubs hold their own local monthly judged competitions in two photographic mediums, Prints and Projected Images, and in various subject matter.

Join in the fun with N4C and their local camera clubs. Participate in field trips, seminars, and workshops, share learning experiences and camaraderie among fellow photographers in your area!

You are invited to become a member in a local camera club near you
to take your photography to the next level.

To see all winning photos submitted for the month and for additional information, please go N4C’s PhotoClubServices Webiste.


WANTED!! You?!?
We are looking for a Newsletter Editor!
If you are at all interested, or know someone whose arm we can twist,
please use Contact Us to email the President, or contact your club’s N4C Representative.