"A delicate balance" (PM 1 Place) by Euclides Viegas - DV.jpg"Blue Irises in Old Vase" (PM 1 Place) by Claudia Peterson - LS.jpg"Curves" (CA 1 Place) by Anne Abrams - SR.jpg"Dreaming of the Midnight Sun" (PB 1 Place) by Denise Crawford - ML.jpg"Emerald Lily 2" (CI 1 Place) by Jill Grover - SC.jpg"Fighting Polar Bears [1]Provoking" (NA 1 Place) by Meng Horng - CC.jpg"Flow" (CB 1 Place) by Howard Larsen - LS.jpgFosters Tern Hovers in Dispute ... (SNI)" (WA 1 Place) by Claudia Peterson - LS.jpg"Grizzly Bear and Cubs Drying (SNI)" (WI 1 Place) by Linda Rutherford - PE.jpg"Grizzly cubs ... in Geographic Bay, AK" (WM 1 Place) by Celie Placzek - BK.jpg"Ice on Black Sand Beach" (PA 1 Place) by Jim Rowson - FR.jpg"Kayaks under Deception Pass Bridge" (PB 1 Place) by Marti Stites - BK.jpg"Male American Robin (SNI) [2]" (WB 1 Place) by Beth Branthaver - RO.jpg"Man in the Mirror" (CM 1 Place) by Steve Napoli - BK.jpg"Mountain sheep in Canada" (WB 1 Place) by Phil Meginness, Phil - LV.jpg"Old Sunflower" (MM 1 Place) by Claudia Peterson - LS.jpg"Old Train Window to Past" (PA 1 Place) by Steve Rentmeesters - LV.jpg"Old Truck Found in Shaniko, Oregon" (MB 1 Place) by Larry McCloskey - MR.jpg"Squint" (CB 1 Place) by Denise Crawford - ML.jpg"The Defense Waits" (PI 1 Place) by Ed Oswalt - BK.jpg"VaticanStairwell" (MI 1 Place) by Laurel Ross - CC.jpg"Watched" (CA 1 Place) by Claudia Peterson - LS.jpg

The Northern California Council of Camera Clubs (N4C) is the umbrella organization for sixteen San Francisco Bay Area camera clubs, whose members comprise photography enthusiasts—beginners, amateurs and professionals.

N4C provides an opportunity to grow photographically and compete at an interclub level. Most individual member clubs hold their own local monthly judged competitions in two photographic mediums, Prints and Projected Images, and in various subject matter.

Join in the fun with N4C and their local camera clubs. Participate in field trips, seminars, and workshops, share learning experiences and camaraderie among fellow photographers in your area!

You are invited to become a member in a local camera club near you
to take your photography to the next level.

To see all winning photos submitted for the month and for additional information, please go N4C’s PhotoClubServices Webiste.

Mark Your Calendars!


The Annual N4C Banquet is Sunday, February 22nd, 2015
This will be a catered luncheon at the Rossmoor Event Center, Walnut Creek