FotoClave is a  premier photography forum for Central and Northern California.  It draws the finest digital photographers together for a weekend of learning and camaraderie. Begun in 1957, it was an enterprise of the combined councils of the area. Recently, because of the fallout of other councils, it has been taken over by N4C. We plan to hold it every other year. Our initial effort in 2017 was quite successful drawing well over 300 attendees. It is a very popular conference, which inspires and excites those attending.
Past FotoClaves

FotoClave 2019
FotoClave 2017
FotoClave 2014

Some Keynote Presenters from Past FotoClaves

Seth Resnick
George Lepp, Canon Explorer of Light (See his 2017 presentation: Innovative Techniques)
Brenda Tharp
Tony Sweet
Rick Sammon, Canon Explorer of Light
Jean Paul Caponigro
Jennifer Wu, Canon Explorer of Light
Moose Peterson, Nikon Ambassador

In addition, we have hosted many great Breakout Session Speakers, among them are:

(Click to see their 2017 presentations)
Sean Duggan – HDR
Mary Butler – Photographing Cuba
Lucy Beck – Revealed by Light: The Art of Lightbox Photography
Charles Ginsburgh – Images of Moving Subjects
Joe Hearst – Side Trips Notes
Gail Pierce – Notes on iPhoneography

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